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Tilari Rafting

Though Goa is normally well known for its beaches, colourful markets, laid back village life and picturesque landscape… Goa can now also boast of having white water rafting trips just an hour away from its capital Panjim. The Tilari river drains the outpouring of water by Meda dam which lashes the slopes of the western ghats and offers fine rafting on grade II – III  rapids with stunning forest backdrops. An ideal trip for both first time rafters and seasoned paddlers alike this trip has something for everyone… numerous rapids and each raft accompanied by a highly skilled river guide make this trip a “must do” during your visit to Goa. The river offers calm stretches for relaxed floating in salient surroundings where one can savour bird watching along with refreshing splashes of water and great fun rapids.

River Stretch

At Tilari Rafting, the water released by the Meda Dam for power generation and irrigation is used for rafting with self bailing rafts. We run the rafts in fast flowing water currents – 6 Kms downstream!

The river provides one of nature’s finest gorges, get set for a fun-filled Roller Coaster Ride.

River Guides

Our guides are highly motivated individuals who know the value of close personal attention and team work. They are certified in Rescue and First Aid with Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & Artificial Respiration ensuring all participants are in safe hands.

We have the best Equipments & Guides

At WRA, rafting is all about excitement, relaxation and teamwork. We like to embrace each rafting adventure at a leisurely pace to give you the time to fully appreciate the experience. On your Tilari Rafting adventure you will enjoy multiple sensations… the exhilarations and thrill from nature’s powerful forces at work, the white water and the respect that it commands; you will be in awe of the spectacular scenery that encompasses you throughout the journey, and you will relish in the contentment of achievement and fulfilment of personal and team challenges met and mastered along the way.

Tilari Rafting

Team Buliding

Build memories and friendships on our rafts.




Discover you under a breathtaking night sky.

Thrill Seeking

The wordy quest for the thrill-seeking quest.

Safety is all about

Tilari Rafting is run by professional and experienced staff who place the highest priority on customer safety and service. Our Guides are appropriately Licensed for the river we raft and carry on them their own well maintained rescue equipment.
Tilari Rafting takes pride in its safety record, and our safety standards that enhance this record. Our Guides are qualified in rescue and training at sea and rivers and have international rescue SeaMan and Flood Rescue Certificates under their belts.